Self-proclaimed “No.1 Child Porn Collecter in Japan” arrested by Hyogo Police

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:04 Apr. 14, 2009.)

We know there are various "No.1" collecters in the world. But you shouldn't be the one like him. The arrested man styles himself to cops as "No.1 Child Porn Collecter in Japan". What makes him so confident?

Read on for detail.

(JP)Hyogo Police Arrested "No.1 Collector" of Child Porns - MSN Sankei News

(JP)The man proud of being "No.1 Pedo Porn Collector in Japan" arrested - Sponichi Annex News

According to Sankei Shimbun and Sports Nippon articles, the 40-year-old truck driver of Yamaguchi pref. was arrested for uploading three images of girls' on web site for mobile phones. Police Department of Hyogo pref. where the physical web server was located arrested him for violating anti-child porn law.

The arrest was based on the notification made in last May by "Internet Hotline Center", the NPO to search harmful information such as public display of illegal porn, phising, drug trading and so on. The police confiscated the memory card which contains 0.12 million porn images. The man is deposing that "I'm the No.1 collector of mobile-phone-camera-taken porn images", according to the police.

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