3 New Models from KDDI’s New Cell Phone Line “iida”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:39 Apr. 07, 2009)

Japanese cellphone company KDDI has announced today their launching of a new brand called iida(innovation imagination design art), and the first models in the lineups.

Read on for details and pics.

(Japanese)New brand "iida" and new products of au cellphone :KDDI 2009

According to the press release, KDDI is launching new cellphones under the brand name "iida" in late April.

The first model to be released is "G9" designed by award-winning Ichiro Iwasaki of IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO. It comes in three colours of titanium-compound film coating on stainless-steel frame, features aluminium keypad and 3 inch full-wide VGA LCD(480*854) and 3.19 mega pixel camera with autofocus and anti-handshake function.

This is "G9".

Artist Yayoi Kusama designed three cellphones accompanied with holders as "Art Editions YAYOI KUSAMA", a project of "giving an artistic twist on cellphone". "Dots Obsession: Full Happiness with Dots", "My Doggie Ring-Ring" and "Hand Bag for Space Travel".

Yayoi Kusama.

"My Doggie Ring-Ring"

The phone.

"Dots Obsession: Full Happiness with Dots"

"Hand Bag for Space Travel"

Flipped open.

Product designer Yoshitaka Mukae focused on usability without pointless decoration, for the minimalistic "misora".

A mobile projector is to be on sale, too.

A power adapter looking like ivy.

You know, power adapters don't have to be black.

The link below is the official website of "iida" just launched.


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