Photo Imaging Expo 2009: The Winner’s Trophy of 2010 FIFA World Cup landing Japan for the first time

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:59 Mar. 26, 2009)

Photo Imaging Expo 2009 opened today at Tokyo Big Sight and there's the winner's trophy for 2010 FIFA World Cup exhibited at SONY's booth. People were rushing there with their precious cameras, for this is the very first time the trophy came to Japan.

Read on for details and pics.

(Japanese)Take pictures of 2010 FIFA World Cuo Winner's Trophy::Digital SLR Camera α::SONY

Booth babes in football shirts of Japan's national team gathering around.

The trophy came out.

Posing for the camera clenching crowd.

This is the glorious trophy.


Looks heavy, with dignified stature. Is it me, or is there really something almost divine here?

They're lending out digital cameras at Sony's booth, to try the zoom function on the trophy from distance.

Sony's lending out new cameras such as α350 and α900 to carry around the site freely and take pictures for a duration of time. There are giveaway "α" original bibs you can get after returning the camera and answering a questionnaire.

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