TAF 2009: The Japanese fantasy masterpiece “Guin Saga” starts airing this April

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:01 Mar. 18, 2009.)

One of the most popular fantasy novel "Guin Saga" of Kaoru Kurimoto will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. As of Feb. 2009, it has 125 volumes on main plots and 21 volumes on side stories, which sold over 30 million copies so far and is said to be the longest novel series done by one author. So, how do they adapted this heavyweight fantasy into anime?

Read on for detail.

The booth. Tight and compact.

The booklet

Come up against the living legend


Guin, as you see.


Character diagram

Charcter Descriptions

Message from director to fans

Description of the original story

Message from original author

"Guin's theme" as opening theme. Ending theme is titled "Saga - This Is My Road"

Staffs and casts

Broadcasting scheduled on every Sunday at 11:29 P.M. on NHK BS2

Sort of...NHK thing

Clips from anime

Will be streamed at BIGLOBE from April.

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