Solar Power Bags by Sunload exhibited at CeBIT 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:53 Mar. 09, 2009)

At CeBIT 2009 held in Hanover, Germany, there was a venue featuring green technologies and products as "GreenIT".

Displayed at a small booth near the "Green IT" corner were lineup of neatly designed bags and trolleys by Sunload, equipped with solar panels to charge your cell phones and iPods and such. Unlike cheaper knockoffs with ridiculously out-of-place solar panels, these bags look sophisticated enough for urban use.

Read on for details and pics.

This "Solar Messenger Sunload" attracted everyones attention with its two toned body and eye-catching Sunload logo.

Backpacks with iridescent solar panel.

Durable toolbox perfect for outdoors and camping. To enhance your macho factor and eco-friendliness at the same time.

Weather-resistant "Foldable Solar Panel" on camo for outdoors, camping and sport. Relatively light, but at the same time extremely sturdy.

This "Solar Bank Modular" can be connected to Solar Panels and Solar Bags and supplies power to USB-chargeable devices like mobile phones, MP3-players, PDAs and navs. Palm-sized and weighs only about 120g. It can be fully charged in about two hours on a sunny day, stores about the same amount of power as a fully charged iPod Classic.

They were demonstrating using an iPod.

Poster on the booth. Seems to be focused mainly on male customers.

These products are available from their online shop. Though a bit pricey (the messenger bag costs about 400 EUR), going green and being fashionable does always cost a lot.

(Coverage, Text: Hiroyuki Watanabe / Edit: GIGAZINE)

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