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Here we are going to show you the concept sketches of rival characters that appear in "Saki" the animation of Mahjong genious bishojos aired from this April.

In the story, Tsuruga Gakuen, where rivals belong, is described as just an ordinary school, can be seen anywhere, like heroines' school Kiyosumi . But the characters' uniqueness seems to outweigh its obscurity.

Read on for images and cast of voice.

(Japanese)-Saki- Anime special site

Yumi Kajiki. Third grader in Tsuruga Gakuen (12th grade in Japan) Mahjong club. Most excellent Mahjong player in the club, depends more on inspiration than calculation. Unreadable and bleak on the outside but passionate on the inside.

CV(Cast of voice):Yu Kobayashi.

Momoko Touyoko. Second grade student who rarely seen at the club meeting. In fact, for she's so quiet and being weak in communication, nobody can actually notice her. But, her stealth is of her advantage in Mahjong.

CV:Momoko Saito

(Not error: She's too unnoticable to see)

Satomi Kanbara, leader of the Mahjong Club but Yumi Kajiki plays better. So actually Yumi leads the club. But it won't mean that club members are torn by many factions. In fact, it's the result of their solidarity.

CV:Natsuko Kuwatani

Kaori Senoo. Being childhood friend of Satomi Kanbara, she was forced to sign up for the Mahjong club. As an absolute begginer, her key phrase is "three in a row...three in a row...", which indicates the basic rule of Mahjong. But sometimes she outsmarts the veterans...just sometimes.

CV:Ryoko Shintani

Mutsuki Tsuyama is a second grader, taciturn and conscientious. She struggles at her best for national Mahjong match, trusting Satomi and Yumi from her heart.

CV: Shin Nanasawa, known as the narrator on the TVCM of Sun Music

For the heroines of the story, see our prior article.
Bishojo Mahjong Anime “Saki” to be aired from April 2009 - GIGAZINE

©Ritz Kobayashi/Square Enix, Kiyosumi Highshool Mahjong Club

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Bishojo Mahjong Anime “Saki” to be aired from April 2009 - GIGAZINE


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