Teacher forced his student to “cosplay” as maid.

Japan is one of the few country which indicates an openness to otaku cultures such as animes and games. So driving a car full of pink-haired anime girl's painting? Okay. Wearing heavy armors under the burning-hot summer sun? Go ahead. But forcing your student to cosplay into french-maid like costume? It is far from accepting, of course.

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)Teacher found to have forced a female student to "Cos-play" for school art club photography sessions : Social : YOMIURI ONLINE

The article states that Akita Prefectural School Board have stripped a 51 year old male Teacher of his position as advisor to the schools Art Club after he was found to have forced a female student to dress as a French Maid for a photography session.

The female student had initially refused his request, but after the Teacher "jokingly" suggested he wouldn't credit her for classes she felt she had no choice but to agree. The photo sessions, conducted at the schools art club, were solely attented by other female students and the Teacher himself was not present.

2 days later the incident was brought to the attention of another Teacher and representative s of the school went to the girls home to offer there sincerest apologies to her family. All photos taken at the time have also been erased.

The Teacher commented; "I thought she would have taken it as a joke". As of yet the school board have not imposed any punishment.

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