IPSJ added 23 computers to “Computer Heritage”

We are living in the age of IBM PC-compatible computers hegemony. But once there were so many calculating devices all over the world, each of them so unique and distinguished.

IPSJ, Information Processing Society of Japan has added 23 computing machines to their "Information Technology Heritage", including Tiger hand-cranked mechanical calculator.

Read on for the complete list of regsitered computers.

(Japanese)Registration of Information Technology Heritage and distributed museum of computers started

And here's the list.

1.Patent Yazu Arithmometer: The first mechanical calculator small enough for desktop in Japan.

2.Kawaguchi's electoric counter and punch machine: The first statistic data counter

3.Tiger hand-cranked mechanical calculator: The early hand-cranked mechanical calculator

4.Nine-elements simultaneous equations calculator: Analog computing machine

5.ETL-Mark II: The early relay computer

6.FUJIC: Massive parametron calcultor: The first electric calculator in Japan

7.Osaka Univ. vacuum tube calculator: The early vacuum tube calculator

8.Parametron device: Arithmetic element developed in japan

9.ETL Mark IV and magnetic drum memory: The first device to use transistors in Japan.

10.SENAC-1(NEAC-1102): Mass parametron computer

11.FACOM128B: Relay Computer which still works.

12.MARS-1: stands for Multiple Access Reservation System. Used in Japan National Railways.

13.MUSASINO-1B: Parametron calculator

14.OKITYPER-2000: Multi functional typewriter

15.NEAC-2203: All-transistor computer

16.HITAC 5020 and relatives: The first mainframe computer in Japan

17.NEAC series 2200 model 50: All-IC small mainframe

18.H-8564: Magnetic disk drive in early days.

19.HITAC 10: The first mini computer in Japan

20.TOSBAC-3400: Microprogram computer for scientific computations

21.OKITAC-4300C system: Mini computer system

22.JW-10: The first Japanese word processor

23.PC-9801: Best-selling personal computer.

And also, IPSJ had registerd 2 computer museums as their "destributed museum", which is to make the network of unfamiliar collections in other museums.

Here's the list.

Kyoto Computer Gakuin higher vocational school resource center

Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology: dep. of Computer Science: Nishimura Computer Collection

What's your recollective machine?

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