Buddhist Statue Burgler Shows His Extreme Love by Offerings

59-year-old man in Mie prefecture was arrested for stealing a statue of Guan Yin from Kenninji temple, Kyoto.

The man is a enthusiastic Buddhism statue collector. He said he "fell in love" with this precious old statue when he visited kyoto before. The odd thing is, how he treat the statue at his place.

Read on for details.

(Japanese)asahi.com : "Fell in love at first sight" - Burgler offers fruits and rice cakes to stolen statue

Kenninji temple is here. East side of Kyoto city.

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The man get into the temple and stole its wooden Guan Yin statue at Jan. 31. Security camera had caught him wandering around the temple yard to seek for the chance.

At his house police found 20 statues stolen from other temples. According to the police, The man is a enthusiastic statue collector and every morning he prays and makes offerings to them.


The stolen statue.

The living room was full of stolen statue.

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