Capcom’s newest “LOST PLANET 2” HD trailer invites XBOX 360 users to massive gunfight

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:53 Feb. 26, 2009.)

On Feb. 23, Capcom has released their first trailer of the intense third-person shooter "Lost Planet 2" at Xbox LIVE market place.

The game is staged on planet "EDN-3rd", same as former episode. In those ten years from the ending of last episode, the climate of the planet drastically changed. So this time there will be a jungle warfare in addition to snow field battle. The story will focus not only on one person but on several people like "Snow Pirates" on EDN-3rd.

Moreover, there seem to be a lot of reflection from user's opinion. Co-op mode has entirely improved so you can fight the gigantic protista with your friends.

Read on for videos and descriptions. - Lost Planet 2 - Announcement Trailer HD

The officials say that the trailer is made from actual in-game scene. What a detail!

Technologies on game making is also developed. The game engine "MT-Framework" is updated to ver2.0 and provides better graphics than the predecessor.

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