Kawasaki Industries to develop turbo-charged motorcycle for the green race

Some of you motorcycle lovers might know that there were a few turbo-charged motorcycles in ealry '80s, now vanished. Kawasaki's GPz750 Turbo is one of a few examples. Coming with an electric fuel injection and turbo charger, its engine was as powerful as its 1,100cc brother. But due to its price and its peaky characteristic, the market had little interest on it.

But now, Kawasaki is said to develop the turbo-charged motorcycle again. What is going on?

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun

According to the article on Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun(Japan Automobile News), Kawasaki is planning to put turbo chargers on their large-size motorcycles to improve their environmental performance.

Electric motorcycles is surely the front runner on the green race. Honda and Yamaha are woking on them now and said that the bike will soon be coming out. But who can tell they work right? There is always something wrong with new technologies.

On the other hand, turbo charging is a mature technology. Kawasaki noticed on the energy efficiency this time, not on the power. It will achive both low fuel consumption and large horsepower. The article doesn't mention when it will be released, but let's look forward to it.

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