Theme songs of “DEATH SMILES 2” and others performed at “Cave Town Pop Song Show” in AOU2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:58 Feb. 20 2009)

Three new songs were introduced at the event "CAVE Machi Kayo Show (CAVE Town Pop songs Show)", UHAUHA Rendezvous, image song for the game "UHAUHA Oh-oku", Death Christmiles of "Death Smiles II" and Tako-to-Kingyo-to-Awaodori (Octopus, Goldfish and Awa-dance) for the games "Kingyosukui" and "Ganso! Takoyaki" of the "Omatsuri ya san" series. There was also a photo session of the gravure idols held after the stage.

"CAVE Machi" literally means "Cave Town" but "Machi" might refer to "Komachi" - which comes from the legendary beauty Ono no Komachi and generally used to describe pretty girls - we're not sure.

In any case, read on for pics and videos of cute girls in cosplay!

The schedule. We caught the very first stage held from 12:00 Friday, so it might get better than our videos when the performers get used to the show.

Singer Hanayo Kuga came on stage. The first number was "UHAUHA Rendezvous", image song of "UHAUHA Oh-oku".

The second song was "Death Christmiles" of "Death Smiles II". Reina Fujii dressed as Windia and Eri Yamaguchi dressed as Soupy danced along.

The third song was "Tako to Kingyo to Awaodori" for the games "Kingyosukui" and "Ganso! Takoyakikun". All the idols and promotional models of CAVE's booth came on stage.

Photo shooting of the three gravure idols were held after the stage.

The three were cosplaying as game characters.

Reina Fujii dressed as Windia from "Death Smiles 2".

Eri Yamaguchi as Soupy.

Kind of look like Gothic Lolita girls seen in Harajuku.

Anna Kawamura dressed as "Oh-oku Obitori Girl" from "UHAUHA Oh-oku".

The songs could be downloaded free as ringtones.

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