Japanese cell phone carrier Docomo starts data recovering service from water-sunk cell phone.

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:58 Jan. 30, 2009.)

Japanese cell phone carrier NTT docomo revealed to start "Mizu Nure Ke-tai Data Recovering Service" which transfers data from wet cell phone.

Good news for absent-mindeds and bag of nerves.

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)Soaked Ke-tai Data Recovering Service | Customer Service | NTT Docomo

According to the official site, the service provides data recovering from unintended submersion. Recovered data such as contacts and texts will be burnt into CD-R and returned in about 2 weeks. The rate is 5250 yen(about 60 dollars tax inculuded.)

The probability of recovering is about 70% approximately, rather a good bet. Whether they succeeded or not, the device will be discarded but they won't charge if they missed. And also there's No reissue of CD-R becuase of their privacy policies.

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