Soy sauce made exclusively for ice cream by Yamakawa Jyouzou

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 20:30 Dec. 20, 2008.)

Like mustard and ketchup for Americans, soy-sauce is a Japanese favorite condiment used in various cuisines. This black salty sauce adds distinct touch to sushi, soba, raw fishes, tofu and so on. But have you imagined the soy-sauce on ice cream?

Yamakawa Jyouzou, the company manufactures soy-sauce specialized in specific food, had released "Soy-sauce for ice cream"

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Using "Sei-sin" high grade soy sauce as its base.

Sticky like honey, but no sign of those.

Totally soy sauce color

Trying with Haagen-Dazs vanilla flavor

OK. Let's have a try.

Caramel sauce, if not told.

Seems delicious

Surprisingly, it IS delicious. Tasting like very thick caramel, it well matches with ice cream. The salty soy-sauce flavor accentuates the sweetness of ice cream very nicely.

But too much sauce won't work well. You should seek for good amount.


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