A North Korean Video Game Arcade which makes you painfully sad

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 00:49 Sept. 30, 2008.)

These pictures we are going to show you are of amusement arcade in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, which seems far from "amusement" from our eyes. So deserted and awful.

Read on for more pictures.

Outward Appearance

Adults playing a game. Sorrow for a broken chair.

Fighter Plane Game, maybe. Compare with this modern robot dogfight game.

Sticks and buttons missing.

But it doesn't bother him.

Somewhat fully opened maintenance hatch

Seem's like "Submarine(PDF)", a Bandai Namco's mechatronics game, made in 1978. A mechatronics game is a console made of motors and gears instead of computers, unlike modern computer games.

The latest racing game in the game arcade, maybe.

In fact, even the richest in North Korea can't visit their game arcades for pleasure easily, for both economic and ethical reasons. For now, let's thank to the democracy and market economy.

Original Photos are shown here.

UK:RESISTANCE. Not making a difference since 1996: INSIDE A NORTH KOREAN ARCADE

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