“Zeroshock”:An ideal protection for your UMPC.

Rather cheap price as a notebook PC like five or six hundreds bucks, small footprint and high performance makes those kind of UMPCs very popular. But since they are not as tough as other laptops like Thinkpad or Let's Note, UMPCs needs some kind of aid to carry around.This padded carrying case revealed today will protect your UMPC while carrying.

Detail follows.

(Japanese)Protect UMPC against the shock! An excellent light weight inner bag "ZEROSHOCK" is sold.

The news release says that Elecom is going to add UMPC sized bag for their "ZEROSHOCK" series lineup, which is the note PC protection bag famous for it's shock absorbing ability.

ZEROSHOCK is consisted of low-resilience urethane foam. Due to its wavy form it can save the thickness while well absorbs shocks.

The shock absorption mechanism that is adopted in "ZEROSHOCK".

Using velvet like fabric inside, there will be few scratches on your PC. They also have spilt-resistance for using poly-urethane fabric outside, so to cover various trouble in the daily use.

Two sizes of ZEROSHOCK bag will be newly available. ZSB-IB019 fits 8.9 inch LCD UMPC, while ZSB- IB020 fits 7inch LCD. The price will be 1995 yen, tax included (about 22 dollar).

White model

Black model

Orange model

This article was originally posted in Japanese at 14:11 Aug. 26, 2008.


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