The fire broke out at the Sony headquarter building.

The fire broke out at the 17th floor of Sony Co.,Ltd. corporate headquarter building in Minato-ku, Tokyo at about 0:35 a.m. on July 4th

Here follows the detail news and photos of Sony building.

(Japanese)The fire broke out at the 17th floor of Sony headquarter building, one man, injured.

Fortunately, damage from the fire was small. Only one man got hurt. One pc and a telephone was burnt. It could be said "a small fire".

The place of Sony headquarter building.

more large map

The building has 20 stories above the ground and 2 floors of basement. It's 99.9m tall and the building site has an area of about 19000 square meters. Total amount of floor space is about 160000 square meters.

This is an appearance.

The whole building is covered with glass, has high transparency.

Night view.

The following site shows the report of Sony's new head office building "Sony City".

(Japanese)Sony City

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