Could there be “Game Phone”?

If you are the kind of person classified as geek, your bags and pockets must be full of electoronic device like note PC, PSP, iPod, Blackberry and so on. And for you're THE geek, you should also have a desire of combining those devices into one ultimate information device. Japanese Eletronics manufacturer SHARP and cell phone carrier Softbank mobile is said to be developing something like that.

Detail is as follows.

(Japanese) Design bulletin text search

Record No.1331145 shows the draft and the explanation of this portable game machine like device registrated by Sharp and Softbank Mobile on April 18,2008. Let's take a closer look.

LCD and ear speaker on the rear side.

10key with the cross key and four buttons. Should be held like NintendoDS.

Though no one can tell whether this cell phone come out from the lab or not, it is still an exciting plan.

This article was originally posted in Japanese at 14:22 June 20, 2008.


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