Does the electoronic piggy bank dream of women?

Being rich and being loved are the common dreams of all mankind. But the more you seek for love, the more occasions you need to pay the cost. Japanese toy maker BANDAI's this new piggy bank will help you solve this contradiction.

Detail is as follws.

(Japanese)The IKEMEN-BANK

IKEMEN is a mixture of Japanese words "IKE-TERU(means attractive)" and "MEN(means face, or as is)", could be translated into "stud", "womenizer", "cute guy" et cetera. IKEMEN-BANK might look like an ordinary computer-controlled piggy bank which has some boring function such as an alarm clock and automatic coin counter. But there's a function which distinguishes the bank from others. It, maybe you should use the word "He", whispers you the word of love.

The mechanism is simple. Select from five kinds of personality which affects the bank's behavier such as "a cool fashion model","cheerful comedian","A boy of a fine breed","junior athlete","broad-minded senior". When you put your 500 yen coin in, it utters sentences like "I haven't had a girl like you","You are so cute","Let me give you a clinch, will you?","I wanna kiss you" and so on.

It even smiles at you with the built-in LCD screen.

When you reach the 500 million yen, the happy ending will come, but you should be aware that if you left him alone for 5 days, he will leave you. You should keep spending your 500 yen coins but don't worry, at least money will be back.

IKEMEN-BANK is to put on the market on September 6, 2008. The price is 4935 yen (50 dollars) with a body color in white and pink.An official site opens from June 19.


This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:13 June 6, 2008.


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