Sell your “complaints” and earn some money.

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:13 Aug. 09, 2006.)

During your life as a consumer, you must've encountered many frustrating products or irritating services you want to complain about. Sell those "complaints" to "Complaint and Demand Exposition" and you may earn some money, for those may turn out to be the seeds of new products and services.

Read on for details.

(Japanese)Complaint and Demand Exposition:Fukui Chamber of Commerce will buy your complaints

Free registrated users can post claims, see comments and votes to their own claims and refer to the claims made from year 2003 to 2007. Moreover, paying users can read claims made in 2008 and use unlimited search function.

Free users can search only in titles, which is interesting enough. Let us list the ones in "Hall of Blame".

Complaint and Demand Exposition 2005:Hall of Blame

- Cell phone battery runs out too soon
- Taking out changes and products from vending machines bothers.
- Emergency button for cell phone needed
- LCD on the cell phone gets dirty too soon
- Remote controller can be easilly lost in the room
- Child lock for electoronics devices
- Washing machines for shoes
- Why light bulbs and fluorescents do burn out so suddenly?
- Oscillating angle of the wind fan is so narrow
- Timer switch of an air conditioner
- Left water in the washing machines' hose
- Connector shape on the cell phone must be standardized

- Tag on the clothes
- Few Size selection in clothes
- Wrinkle in socks
- Clips on the new socks
- Pet bottle separating(labels and caps)
- Why do they attach a bag of sugars in yogurt?
- How do you set use-by date after opening the bag?
- Indication of time you need to cook instant noodles
- Shape of canned corn soup
- can of skim milk is a waste
- Jellys and Puddings easily splashes when opening the package.
- No needs of sauces and mustards in nattou

- How to treat a wet umbrella in the train car?
- Airconditioning too hot (or cold) in the train
- Gas meter on the car not accurate enough
- Getting wet on boarding and dropping off

- Removing shrink packages from CDs too difficult
- Ash, smoke, smell of cigarettes

- Dent in the nose when wearing glasses
- Glasses slip off

- Shape of an umbrella
- Sanitary goods makes noise
- double baby carriage
- Shampoo bottle won't leave shampoos
- batteries' capacity indication
- tissue box modification
- foundation powder case needs improvement
- No spoon needed for detergent.
- Refilling isn't easy
- crack on foundation.
- Fungus on the buthtub

- ATM too slow
- Is handling charge at the bank needed?

- Sleepover on the public transportation.

- Sound volume on TV commercial
- Can you post newspaper advertisement only ?
- Advertisement ban on newspaper.

- Mosquito screen can make things through other than wind
- Pushed the wrong button on the elevator

- Double shopping cart
- Express cash registar(which is not familiar in Japan)

- Separate smokers and non-smokers in restaurants
- Food menus for seniors

- Waiting time in hospital
- Doctor bill too complex

- Handles on stroller


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